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What's on tap in June 2018

Greetings Heroic Beer Drinkers!

Summer is here and the backyard is open! Feel free to use our picnic tables or bring your own lawn chairs. We've also got a charcoal grill avaialable for you to use while you're here! (Please bring your own charcoal.)

June 16 - Summer Kick off party!

We're opening early that day! John and Abby will be here starting at noon serving beer as the Rust Belt Revival Trail Coalition Beer Ride will be stopping here on their ride! Come on in, whether you're on a bike or in a car!

Kelli's Cookin' Grand Opening

Kelli bought a food truck! Kelli has been bringing in food from home for our patrons to enjoy on Friday nights for quite a while, and she's decided to take the next step and turn it into her own business, which she will open outside the brewery on Fridays (4 - 9 pm) and Saturdays (2 - 9 pm) starting June 16th. Kelli plans to have a standard menu of items always available such as gourmet burgers and grilled cheese sandwiches, with a chef's special that will change periodically. If you've had the food she's brought in to the tavern, you know she's always coming up with something delicious. Please, while she is open we ask that you support her in this endeavor rather than bringing in outside food.

What's on tap in June 2018

Dragonhold Larp and Society for Creative Anachronism

Dragonhold Larp will be on hand doing live swordfighting demonstrations in full costume! They've been here before for other events and it's been a big hit!

The Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) is an international, non-profit, educational society celebrating pre-17th century history. It has members who study every aspect of medieval life. We are brewers, archers, calligraphers, heralds, fencers, spinners, blacksmiths, costumers, dancers, cooks and armoured fighters. We enjoy feasting, spinning, needlepoint, equestrian, leatherwork, beadwork, socializing, live weapons competition, period music, theatre and much more. If someone did it back then, you can bet someone is trying to do it now. The local branch of the SCA, the Shire of Rivenvale, will be on hand with a display of medieval arts and crafts presented by costumed members. More information about the group can be found at scademo.com and rivenvale.org.

What's on tap in June 2018

Live Music - Hair Supply 7-10pm

We've lined up a full slate of 23 bands for your entertainment on Friday and Saturday nights from the June 16 through September 1st. The bands will play outside weather permitting from 7-10pm. We kick it off with Hair Supply, made up of half of the popular local band, Edison's Medicine, playing your favorite 80's songs acoustic! Share the Facebook event with your friends!

What's on tap in June 2018

Father's Day Weekend

Last but not least, since this is Father's Day weekend, we're setting up the bounce house, so you should bring the kids too!

What's on tap in June 2018

June 22 - Live Music - Dynamic Duo 7-10pm

Dynamic Duo joins us on June 22nd for a night full of classic rock! These guys have decades of live band experience, and it shows in their performance! Click here for the Facebook event and share it with your friends!

What's on tap in June 2018

June 23 - The Fringe 7-10pm

Highlighted by dual male/female lead vocals, The Fringe has been rocking the valley since 2013 doing everything from Led Zeppelin to Elvis to Pink. We had them here in 2015, and they filled the backyard with happy music lovers! Follow this link for the Facebook event and please share it!

What's on tap in June 2018

June 29 - Gary's Choice 7-10pm

Paladin Brewing welcomes Gary's Choice (Jay from The Hawkeyes) on June 29 for a special acoustic show! Here's the link to the Facebook event!

What's on tap in June 2018

June 30 - Shultz & The I.C. 7-10pm

Paladin Brewing welcomes Shultz & The I.C on June 30th. We've seen these guys play at a couple places and they are crazy talented! Go here to RSVP to and share the event on Facebook.

What's on tap in June 2018

Six Pack Cans (STILL) on Sale!

We want you to be able to keep your summer parties stocked up with Paladin, and cans are the perfect container for that! With that in mind, we're continuing our sale on our six pack cans of D20 Cream Ale, Hunter's Pale Ale, & IPA of Revelation - Regular Price $10-$11 are on Sale for the month of June for only $7. Ask a bartender about our Six Pack Cans of Sir Kenneth.

What's on tap in June 2018

Event Space

We've got a lot of space, and you're welcome to use it for your events, including graduation parties, bridal showers, birthday parties, diaper parties (Huggies and Chuggies anyone?) and even weddings. Call Abby to schedule at 330-272-1494. No charge if we are already open, $25 an hour if not during our normal business hours.

What's on tap in June 2018

As always, thank you for your of patronage and friendship. Our customers are the BEST! Hope to see you soon!

John and Abby Chandler

Location: 6520 Mahoning Ave. (Rt. 18) Austintown, Ohio 44515 • Phone: 330.550.6338

What's on tap in June 2018 What's on tap in June 2018 What's on tap in June 2018 What's on tap in June 2018 What's on tap in June 2018 What's on tap in June 2018 What's on tap in June 2018 What's on tap in June 2018
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